Thursday, December 18, 2014


On Friday, December 18, 2014, Joe Walgenbach wrote
Yeah, me, Lorraine & Trent stopped at this hotel back in 2006 when we visited Uncle Bob [a few years] before he died. It was pretty run down. There were still a few ducks in the pond though. I think some of the rooms were in the process of being torn down when we went by there. Great pics. I think that old brick building across the street was still there too.
I answered him:
Well, the main office and a few of the rooms of the motel are definitely torn down, which is why at first I hesitated that this was the same motel.  The pond is unmistakable except for the leafless tree.  In that condition, the place looks more like the setting for an Edgar Allan Poe story.  Back in 1967 with Dad and family, I remember staying in a room that was closer to the main office.  And, yes, there still are a few ducks in that pond.

Okay, this summer postcard of the Sleepy Lagoon Motel in Beaver, Utah is more in line with my picture of it from 1967.

This shot above and the one below show clearly how the Main Office to the motel is gone perhaps along with a couple of rooms.

This building stood across the road from the motel.  Such an iconic look that I could not pass it up.
I took these two shots parked in front of Cedar City, Utah Middle School.  The mountain peaks were much taller than either of these shots tell.

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  1. we also stayed there in the 60's and my dad was born in Beaver. Very fond memories
    and also remember a cafe that had the most incredible fried chicken dinner in a
    basket lined with yellow wax paper...